[Tig] Garry Davis of Polar Graphics/Bluefish444 Europe died

SKIADCOCK at aol.com SKIADCOCK at aol.com
Fri Jul 23 17:41:40 BST 2010

Some of the UK/European TIG members know Garry, so thought I'd pass this  
along.  Received the message just a bit ago.
And I'm in shock.  Just saw Garry at NAB & he looked fine/in  good health, 
and I think was either late 30s or early 40s.  Garry was a  great guy & 
well-respected.  His death is a loss to his family, the  company, and the 
industry, and he will be missed.

"Garry died of a heart attack two nights ago.  He was admitted to  hospital 
with flu type symptoms and found to have had a minor heart  attack.  
Details are fairly sketchy and I have only spoke to Peter briefly  once and he was 
very upset. But it seems poor Garry had a major  heart attack in hospital 
and couldn't be saved.  I am not sure of the  funeral details as yet. I will 
endevour to let you know what I find  out.  I considered Garry a good friend 
and I am going to miss him as I  am sure you both will."
I don't have details yet re: funeral, wake, tribute or anything,  but hope 
to receive them soon.  If anyone is interested in them,  they can contact me 
at _SkiAdcock at aol.com_ (mailto:SkiAdcock at aol.com)   & I'll pass them along. 
 Or if you know the folks at Polar  Graphics/Bluefish444 Europe, you can 
contact their offices, perhaps via email at  first as I'm sure they're 
struggling w/ all this at the moment.
Sharon Adcock

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