[Tig] color grading terms glossary?

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I like Kevin's list.  I got a kick out of two aspects of the temporal aliasing definition.  The effect of a wagon wheel appearing to rotate in reverse comes straight from the open of "Little House on the Prairie" and that we are dealing with technology so old in some cases that it refers to wagon wheels at all.


Dave Pickett

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> > Would it be too obvious to include the more broadly used technical terms such as
> > 1.wanker.
> > 2.Hellen keller's handywork
> Colorist:  %^!@$ slithering secondary, can't get ahold of it...
> and what's that, the dreaded hooking vector, clip causing foldover.  Red ped paranoia.  Subway fleshtones.  Speculum highlights.. that's a good family of Hughes..  a little richard for you?  Take it to our fx guy, Henry Artest..  
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