[Tig] Hardware vs. Software Scopes

Kassner, Neal NJK at cbsnews.com
Wed Jul 28 16:37:05 BST 2010

Simon Astbury wrote:


>The only drawback is that generally they work from a VGA monitor and
would therefore be to small to fit under your main monitor.


Too small or too large? Which brings up another question: in another
grading forum, someone posted the opinion that having the scopes under
the monitor rather than off to one side is preferable, due to
head-turning fatigue issues over long sessions. My current setup has
them slightly offset to the left




but I'm considering moving the scope array even further left the next
time the suite is redone to make room to drop the grading monitor lower
than it currently is. I've seen lots of pictures online with the scopes
off to the left and the GUI on the right with the grading monitor in the
center, so I assume it's a fairly common setup. How fatiguing is it


Neal Kassner



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