[Tig] Hardware vs. Software Scopes

rob at colorist.org rob at colorist.org
Wed Jul 28 21:02:23 BST 2010

>>Make sure to get a desk that lets you rackmount the scopes just below
> eye level and below your view of the monitor.  (quoted from a Creative
> Cow Forum)
>>Having to turn your head left/right to look at scopes for 10 hours
> kills your neck and slows you down.

It can get rather personal,
but I find having the scopes and GUI to either side works fine.  Much
better also than in some facilities which either stack the monitor and
scopes vertically and so suffer from high-monitor (and neck craning-
pain) problems or place the grading GUI recessed and tilted in the
surface of the desk, which is less than ideal for flexibility and


Rob Lingelbach, colorist/TIG admin

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