[Tig] Dave Corbitt and Post Production

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Jul 29 05:36:05 BST 2010

Dear TKcolorist Internet Group,

Dave Corbitt is retiring as of Tuesday August 3rd.  He most recently has worked for HBO Studios and was previously Engineer of Record for the Greater New York Area.   (well something like that.)   I first became aware of   Dave in the 70s when he was at Teletronics NYC.

I salute Dave for his dedication to the engineering of post-production and especially for his studious, pointed and sincere responses to questions and postings made to the TIG over the 20 years of its history.

A check of the TIG archives returns 753 results for his name.
*(see http://tinyurl.com/davecorbitt )

Rob   TIG admin, colorist
Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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