[Tig] Dave Corbitt and Post Production

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Dave Corbitt is the man, thanks Dave!

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> Dear TKcolorist Internet Group,
> Dave Corbitt is retiring as of Tuesday August 3rd.  He most recently  
> has worked for HBO Studios and was previously Engineer of Record for  
> the Greater New York Area.   (well something like that.)   I first  
> became aware of   Dave in the 70s when he was at Teletronics NYC.
> I salute Dave for his dedication to the engineering of post- 
> production and especially for his studious, pointed and sincere  
> responses to questions and postings made to the TIG over the 20  
> years of its history.
> A check of the TIG archives returns 753 results for his name.
> *(see http://tinyurl.com/davecorbitt )
> Rob   TIG admin, colorist
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