[Tig] Dave Corbitt and Post Production

Peter Sutton peter at kaurus.com
Thu Jul 29 18:35:10 BST 2010

I'm sure there will be some historic moments seeping through here so I thought I would kick off with one that I am sure Dave holds with affection? 
That being one rather and unexpectedly warm set up period to IBC 1999 when, with ITK, He, I, and some mammoth development brains of the company, scurried feverishly around, under black cloths that hid the entire stand from confused onlookers as we fixed, tweaked, cursed, smelt burning, fixed again and sweated the Millennium Machine and the HD Y-Front to launch capability.
In those wonderful non air-conditioned days before the doors open to the crowds, The Millennium Machine was to be launched to trumpet fanfare.
Whether or not 'affection' is the right word I'm unsure, but a blood, sweat and trumpets IBC, was by far the most surreal!
May Dave's Sand Sculptures reign supreme on his beach of retirement!

Peter Sutton
(Ex Rank, Ex ITK)

KaurusĀ® Limited

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> Dave Corbitt is retiring as of Tuesday August 3rd.

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