[Tig] OT-Bitrate monitor for checking VBR files

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Wed May 5 20:08:55 BST 2010

Pardon the OT post, but I thought the collective minds attached to the  
TIG might have some thoughts or links.

A client is looking for a way to check video/audio files encoded with  
Variable Bit Rates to see what the bit rate is at any point in the  
file... as the file plays (or when it's stopped or paused.)

This is a QC step for a very particular client of theirs, and he's  
looking for a way to ensure that the files they encode meet the  
client's specs.

Not sure whether this is of sufficient interest to warrant posting  
replies to the TIG, but you can certainly send some bits my way: ted  
at tedlangdell.com or ted at flashscan8.us.

Many thanks... and hope that all the European visitors to NAB got home  


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