[Tig] automated correction based on flesh tone

Richard Kirk richard at filmlight.ltd.uk
Thu May 6 09:06:34 BST 2010

> From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org>
> A research paper at
> http://tinyurl.com/267lfbz
> proposes a system for automated color correction based on skin tone.

Does this work? Skin tone has two degrees of freedom - the light-dark  
yellow (melanin) level and reddening (sunburn/rash). With darker skin,  
the melanin masks out the reddening, but light skins with sunburn can  
show a range of hues. If you have blue light, then you can see more of  
the sub-surface veins in light skin: it is metameric. Light skin is  
complex stuff to image. Not the stuff you would normally chose as a  
color standard, but I guess it is important to get it sensible.

Looking at the post, it does not look a significant advance on the  
auto-correction stuff used in photo printing labs in the 1990's. They  
don't seem to have any sunburnt white people in their test set, which  
is what I reckon might break this. However, they do manage to  
distinguish between some skin tones instead of slapping on the 50's  
Technicolor orange. If you are stuck, then it might be a good tool for  
setting up an initial grade.

Richard Kirk

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