[Tig] 3D monitor calibration, industry standards?

David Mackenzie lyris1 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 10:47:52 BST 2010

Hi all,
During my capabilities as a Hardware Reviewer, I'm right now scrutinising
Panasonic's home use 3D display for the European market (TX-P50VT20). It
uses the frame packing method and active shutter glasses to achieve a 3D

To calibrate greyscale to D65 and colour to Rec.709 in the 3D mode, I have
attached one lens of the the shutter glasses to end of our Klein K-10
colorimeter and have attempted to compensate for the shifts caused by the
combination of the glasses and the screen's higher refresh rate (using the
Greyscale and basic Colour Hue/Saturation controls that we were successful
in getting Panasonic to add on their 2010 consumer models).

Would anyone here be able to advise me on standards for 3D display? One
source suggests there are absolutely no standards (relating to white point,
etc.) in place for 3D content at all - surely that is not true?  How are
post houses and cinemas calibrating and compensating for the glasses? Is it
correct to still be trying to hit ~6500K, or have the goal posts moved?

Many thanks for any input.
David Mackenzie
Freelance DVD Compressionist/Author
Hardware Reviewer

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