[Tig] Academy Award for Colorists?

Peter Sutton peter at kaurus.com
Wed May 19 20:18:40 BST 2010

Well for what it's worth, coming from a non colourist (maybe a once upon a time wanabe) I would certainly second that motion and be first on the list for a petition!
Everyone plays a part and not least the colourist, who, whether under direction or with free reign, can make or break a look befitting the scene.
Albeit on the periphery as telecine engineer then TK Tech sales to current projection grading integration scenarios and 3D, I have had the pleasure of dealing with many a colourist over the past 20 plus years from the technical to the outrageous with a flair for the impossible and if there were anyone you could call pivotal to a final release, and with no disrespect to anyone else playing a part in the process, at the post end, the colourist would be it.

Peter Sutton

KaurusĀ® Limited

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It struck me, watching the Oscars this year, that the Sound Department
gets two separate categories (editing, mixing) but the image department
just gets one (cinematography).  As grading has become more than just
color timing, it has become a real art of its own, at least comparable
to Sound Mixing.  Has there been any movement to try to get the Academy
to officially recognize the work that colorists do, and if not, how
could such a movement get started?

At the very least, it would be fun to see before-and-after clips from
movies up for nomination -- anyone at home would be able to see what the
colorist brings to the plate after they hit the Gasp button.

Owen Williams

Online Editor / Colorist
Rockhopper Post Production


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