[Tig] Academy Award for Colorists?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Wed May 19 22:32:53 BST 2010

>> Existed, in years past, the ITS Monitor Awards, with a Colorist 
>> category.  Final Panels consisting of colorists were held in NYC, 
>> Chicago, and L.A.   I recall the first year of these awards, we were 
>> asked to judge from composite NTSC (may even have been 3/4"); in 
>> succeeding years D1 was provided.

>we debated for over an hour, how do 
>you judge color correction since so much is dependent on the 
>cinematography how do we know what was done to the material by the 

Having been a judge myself once very early on, I remember thinking that the
only reasonable way to see what's what is to take two different pieces of
original footage, one shot well, the other not so much, and have every nominee
correct both and submit the output to be judged. 

That's the only fair and legitimate way I can think of to evaluate the skills
of each colorist, although I'm sure there must be others. The current method
is just too random for me, but then with the processing everything goes
through now, that's how I feel about most awards.

And it could be made more interesting by putting a coffee'd out screaming DP
or director and a partially color-blind but highly vocal and opinionated
agency creative into each session, just for, you know, encouragement. 


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