[Tig] Academy Award for Colorists?

bob johanson bobjohanson at usa.net
Thu May 20 00:46:02 BST 2010

I do remember those judging days, some of the entries were, shall I say awful.
 I could only believe that the entry fee was the important thing.  I do
remember trying to watch, then we all said, "we seen enough, thank you".   The
good ones really stood out there was one from I believe, Singapore Airlines
that was just breathtaking.  Just beautiful color no clipping, green look etc.

Still like to make people laugh after all these years, Dom was always a good

Bobby Johanson 

Still working and having fun. 

I remember the first year in New York, I was honored to be invited to 
judge, the room was filled with legends of the industry and I was 
humbled to be there (I do remember Booby Johansen making us all laugh 
non stop as he picked on everyone). we debated for over an hour, how do 
you judge color correction since so much is dependent on the 
cinematography how do we know what was done to the material by the 
colorist, did it also go through VFX. Making a documentary look good was 
often a bigger challenge than a commercial or a feature given the source 

I thought it was a strange award until Jimmy Mann won representing Duart 
one year, than it became the best award around! 


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