[Tig] Slight Jerks Several Frames Prior To Cuts In Pan & Scan Edit For Video

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Thu May 20 01:00:26 BST 2010

I noticed something odd about the cuts when watching a pre-recorded VHS 
tape consisting of a pan and scan edit of a low budget 35mm feature 
length film.

More often than not, the entire image jerks ever-so-slightly to the 
right several frames prior to the cut.

Actually, I watched the tape several times without noticing it.  The 
movement is so minor, and so immediate prior to the cut, that I think 
the average viewer would not notice it.  However, once I noticed it, I 
became aware of it happening prior to almost every cut throughout the movie.

I am guessing this was caused during the telecine, pan and scan editing 
for video process (circa 1980).

Please speculate about what may have caused this.

John A. Mozzer
Los Angeles, CA
Hobbyist with an interest in telecine/datacine

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