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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri May 21 21:39:04 BST 2010

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Seeking Top Colorists

We've all seen Baselight, Film Master, Lustre, Pablo, Resolve, etc.  
Our company is developing the next generation of DI platforms. In  
addition to the usual conform, color and format features as seen in  
every major system, we have developed a core of algorithm based  
processing to solve common problems not yet addressed by any other  
system, as well as introducing new thinking and ways to achieve never- 
before-seen results, based on alien technology.

We are seeking the top echelon of colorists and post supervisors to  
have their say in the development of the system. If you are in  
California and work daily on A-list movies, know your color science,  
worked with both film and digitally originated movies, worked with  
Stereo3D movies, and have always wanted a feature(s) that would make  
your life and job easier, or a system that adapts to work the way you  
feel is best, and you are willing to sign an NDA, we want to talk to  

Please send your resume with a list of titles you have worked on. We  
are gearing this system for the long format, tight deadline, high  
profile, high resolution and high pressure workflows of studio feature  
films, and dramatic television. While we feel everybody can offer  
valid points and great ideas, if you work with Apple Color on budget  
indie movies, you probably don?t have the experience we are looking  
for. Rock Stars only! (You know who you are).

Please reply to platform [at] colorist.org

Rob Lingelbach  TIG admin/founder
rob at colorist.org

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