[Tig] Premature Death of SR

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Apr 4 21:02:53 BST 2011

On 4-Apr-11, at 1:21 PM, chi ying chan wrote:

> So what DCDM for?

Digital Cinema.  Which doesn't describe the vast majority of  
"standards" that most contemporary producers observe, or in a large  
number of cases, are even aware.  Does not apply to anything produced  
before 2005, since that was when DCDM was implemented.  It would be  
great if everyone in the world adopted a unified, consistent,  
preservable approach to media production.  In reality, that will  
never happen -- every day, the entropy gets even more chaotic.   
Governing bodies no longer have the authority, or even the financial  
or logistical ability to establish anything like a codified approach  
that would either be observed or implemented.  CCIR? SMPTE?  Usually  
the fastest way to produce blank incomprehension in a conversation  
with a content-producer. Do they need to know these things?  Only if  
it costs money today.

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