[Tig] Unearthed photos, from Peter Swinson.

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Mon Apr 4 21:31:35 BST 2011

>Peter Swinson graciously submitted two photos to the TIG:

>1) Sam outside Editel. Knowing that Sam recently passed away I thought this photo of him with his famous wide smile was most appropriate. I have no idea who took it or when, but I guess it could be dated to an era with the advert board at top left.

That had to be taken in the early Editel days - some time between 1973 and
1975. The at&t building in the shot was taken over by Editel around 1975-1976,
and turned into audio finishing and Edit 5 (with Bosch BCN-50 decks).

Sam is standing outside YumYum Donuts and Rafallo's Pizza (both still there)
across Highland. It's possible I may have taken the photo. There weren't that
many of us at Editel then, and Rafallo's was one of our regular lunch places.


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