[Tig] Classifieds update

Jan Degn jan at sonne.dk
Tue Apr 5 15:53:51 BST 2011

"(note the new ad under "Wanted")  

  Flame Artist/FilmMaster Colorist  

Just to clarify if the add itself is a bit confusing, they are looking for 1 full time colourist and 1 flame artist (it is 2 jobs)

I am currently the colourist there, but leaving for personal reasons (wife thinks copenhagen is too cold in winter)

It is a nice place to work. I can only recommend it.

Should anyone have any questions, they would like answered from the employees point of view I'd be happy to do so. (job types, workload, or whatever pops in mind)

Jan Degn
Duckling & Sonne

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