[Tig] Noise Reduction Redux

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Aug 6 04:12:36 BST 2011

In order to express this question cogently, I need to exclude film grain reduction.  Much as I dislike to do so, because I think the processes for grain reduction developed over the decades have contributed in wonderful ways.

The question is this: Neat Video has a plugin for AfterEffects that seems impressive.  DVNR, from Digital Vision, does other things magical.  The Gary Demos-developed systems have come a long way.

I pose this question not in any way as a representative of my employer (Dolby Laboratories).  Rather, I would like to know the feeling of colorists for their NR tool of choice *when dealing with digital capture* and when the material at hand is exposure-challenged.

My own benchmark for noise is Alexa, at about 14 stops.

Any feedback much appreciated!.

Rob  TIG admin

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