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Just to upset the applecart, It's not noise, it's texture....Keep every bit of it in I say.
Engineers tried to eliminate feedback from guitar amps for years...Then there was Carlos Santana.
Have a great day

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>On 8/8/11 8:15 AM, "Lou Levinson" <joe.beats at yahoo.com> wrote on the TIG:
>> I agree with mr james. Which tool it is is far less important than the
>> skill and taste with which it's wielded. NR is one of those things
>> that's easy to misuse.
>Amen to that.  As a good friend of mine often says:  "It's about the archer,
>not about the arrows."
>You give people NR processors (whether for audio or video), and some wind up
>saying:  "Look!  It goes to '11'!"  Not good.
>--Marc W.

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