[Tig] Times are a-changing (?)

Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Thu Aug 11 05:40:06 BST 2011

On 8/10/11 9:13 PM, "Rogério Moraes" <rogerito at terra.com.br> wrote on the
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> Stumped across this, while visting a group on our dear FB 
> http://colorist.miklosphilips.info/
> > 
> Does anyone know this guy? Why so sour?
> All bitterness aside, always hoping for the future of our craft, no matter
> what violin we are playing...

No doubt this is a reaction to the "bottom feeder" producers with
unreasonable expectations on what it takes to color-correct features, shows,
and shorts.  I sympathize with the guy.

I see an awful lot of ads from indie producers out there expecting some
struggling new colorist to do a feature for $100 a day... Or even $100
total.  ("Plus food, credit, and copy!")

I sympathize with young filmmakers who are trying to make a creative
statement in the world, but we do call it show BUSINESS for a reason.  If
you don't have the money to shoot and finish a film the right way, maybe
this is not the best industry for people like this.

BTW, there's tons of discussion going on on the RedUser.net group about
filmmakers who believe they can get the free version of Resolve Lite and
color-correct their own films at home.  I'd tell them, "you should also buy
Pro Tools while you're at it, and mix your own film in surround as well.
Think of the money you'll save!"

<shaking head in dismay>

--Marc W.

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