[Tig] Times are a-changing (?)

Bob Curreri bobcurreri at me.com
Thu Aug 11 06:15:40 BST 2011

It's a different world out there for sure. This is my 3rd year as freelancer and it took this long to match the money I was making as a staffer. You have to be willing to walk into a situation and make the best of it. Much like a DP has to do sometimes with a crap lighting package or no lights at all. For a lot of new filmmakers, post production is not about the gear anymore. There was a time when they had a pile of negative and couldn't do a thing with it - they had no choice but to go to a post house or a film lab with telecine. Now they have full rez files sitting on a drive on their desk,  and the software to play with it. Who can blame them?

That said, people still recognize and appreciate the art form. It's a more level playing field than ever. I romanticize the old days and will continue to do so but it's time to adapt or die. But hey ... I just booked a gig from a producer who saw a video that was leaked to YouTube BEFORE color and then leaked again AFTER color.  He was very impressed and was asking how it did it, etc. That was a first for me. 

Keep your chins up. 

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>> Stumped across this, while visting a group on our dear FB ∑.
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>> Does anyone know this guy? Why so sour?
>> All bitterness aside, always hoping for the future of our craft, no matter
>> what violin we are playing...
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> No doubt this is a reaction to the "bottom feeder" producers with
> unreasonable expectations on what it takes to color-correct features, shows,
> and shorts.  I sympathize with the guy.
> I see an awful lot of ads from indie producers out there expecting some
> struggling new colorist to do a feature for $100 a day... Or even $100
> total.  ("Plus food, credit, and copy!")
> I sympathize with young filmmakers who are trying to make a creative
> statement in the world, but we do call it show BUSINESS for a reason.  If
> you don't have the money to shoot and finish a film the right way, maybe
> this is not the best industry for people like this.
> BTW, there's tons of discussion going on on the RedUser.net group about
> filmmakers who believe they can get the free version of Resolve Lite and
> color-correct their own films at home.  I'd tell them, "you should also buy
> Pro Tools while you're at it, and mix your own film in surround as well.
> Think of the money you'll save!"
> <shaking head in dismay>
> --Marc W.
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