[Tig] Times are a-changing (?)

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I have worked for large post-production houses my whole career.

Loosely related, I inherited an expensive built-in designer refrigerator.(choice of my ex & 'f' ing stupid)..

Had 6 appliance guys come out to repair the busted door ice-dispenser. No one would touch it. Finally couldn't take take my kids climbing a stool and putting their grubby hands in the bin so called the manufacturer, GE. They sent a GE truck out, GE uniformed serviceman. He arrived with a work-order from my call including the serial number & nature of the problem. He had all the parts he would likely need on the truck.

A bad board that needed replacement was priced at $880. USD.
Service call $250.USD.
(Please compare to large facility bid)

I made a pitch to GE customer service about the money I already spent with their company..etc, etc & asked them for a price break and they gave me the part for free...only charged for the repair.
(Please compare to large facility repeat-client's response to the bid)

Compare GE to the large established post facility. Comparitively extensive infrastructure and resources, giant overhead, board of Directors who drive expensive detailed German & hybrid cars & have never sat in a creative suite or service truck. These shops are giving back increasing margins & struggle to streamline and downsize.

My senior sales exec and I wrung our hands when a huge TV show wanted us to match their Los Angeles bid to what they were paying to finish in another Country which was providing huge tax incentives. (made their finishing vertually free)

We ended up not being able to afford to service the account.

On a random Friday the fine-automobile drivers on the top floor decide to cut some fat. Guys like me, fast talking Sal in the color-correction bay next to me and serviceman Pat from GE are gone from the staff roster.

It's the same all over.

Please forgive the ramblings of one who has middle age in the rearview.

Wow. I thought it was 6 times more expensive. Have to check my records. . .

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