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Good point Tyler 

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It's not what I'm seeing here, either. I get inquiries all the time from young aspiring talent that want to get into color grading, many who have done these infamous $100/day-type jobs on their home system and have a little bit of a reel together. From my vantage point it seems there are far more who want to do it than are needed, but that there is still a big barrier to entry to get into the big chair in a high-end color suite. 

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Maybe it's a location thing , but I have a waiting list a mile long for people who want to intern with me. I'll send some your way guys. 

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Thats a really good point Lou. No young hungry up-and-comers anymore.. (R!OT was great for this, right Bob F?) 
I missed the super-glory days of the business where some colorists were getting free Jaguar automobiles as signing bonuses by a couple years, but it's still a pretty great day-job. Surprizing how few young folks want to get on board. 


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