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Fri Aug 12 09:25:09 BST 2011

I agree with Tom amd Tyler
Seems to me it has more to do with colorists thinking they can preserve their jobs by not sharing knowledge than new comers not wanting to learn. 

The International Colorist Academy was set up 2 years ago to pass on knowledge personally in small groups, my classes are always full and people travel from afar to attend. Class in London next week has colorists from UK, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, USA, Chile and Venezuela coming. 

Our industry is based on team effort, anyone who thinks they can do it alone will probably have to :-)
Happy Coloring

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> Maybe it's a location thing , but I have a waiting list a mile long for people who want to intern with me. I'll send some your way guys. 
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>> The times they are always a changin 
>> One sad thing about changing times here in the era of counting beans( or worse yet, putting lipstick on the pig 
>>         By only watching revenues) there has been little interest in passing the knowledge on. The attrition rate 
>> Amongst those trying to break in by themselves with "free" tools will probably be pretty high. 

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