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Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Wed Aug 17 16:29:46 BST 2011

Hi Bob!

I get it. A lot of my work is Alexa as well. I'm not as fond of straight Prores Log C as you seem to be, but the Arri raw is not so bad in a Baselight.

So, my question would be - since we're both on Baselight - you find Arri Prores Log C to be more flexible and wider range of bending exposure than working straight off R3D in Baselight and doing your own decode or ISO change per scene? 

I don't, and I'm confused why I'm in the minority.

That whole crap about faster to represent the DP's vision and all that,  A. I don't buy it, and B. You know full well how much that really matters to most commercial clients. Not features... Commercials.

Anyway, this ongoing conversation about loving Prores out of the Alexa from colorists perspectives across the Internet blows my mind. Blatant ass kissing as far as I'm concerned and not a whole lot of basis - for me - in practice. Sure, Alexa looks great... When shot and exposed well. But if not, then what?  

I get just as much of it as you mention... Quite a bit. I'm just not feeling the same love as everyone else seems to be.....

Once again, I've proven I'm the idiot.

Best -


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> Say what you want about file resolution, but I love the sweet feel of an Alexa Log C file.
> A big soft marshmallow of exposure.
> I imagine that Alexa comprises about 80% of my commercial work here in Santa Monica.
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