[Tig] Epic V Alexa

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Aug 17 20:00:06 BST 2011

Here in sweden we haven't really got too many Epics out in production yet.
I think one or two, but probably a lot more coming this fall.

Alexa has really exploded here. This spring I found myself and my colleague
not actually doing a Film-based job for over a week... it was all Alexa and
a few RedOne jobs.

16mm has dropped to near 0 for commercials. The only one still shooting 16mm
here do it FOR the grain and not for it being cheaper. When we need cheaper
the go digital.
Last year we had  a big drop in 16mm but 35mn increased to record high since
we opened our lab a few years ago.

I big problem I actually get with Alexa is... its almost too easy to work
Yesterday I was booked 8hrs for two spots for a mobile phone provider... And
I finished in about 90min.
I don't mind but my boss does:)

One very nice benefit of Alexa Prores or RedRAW
When a client comes in with a Lacie 2,5" HDD with the Prores + EDL..
I just plug in the USB or FW  in my Mac and can actually work in realtime
directly from that little crap drive without the need to copy over to my
fast storage.
You can't do that with Cineform-QT / Phantom-cine / ArriRAW-ari.

But sure, RAW data is always better then a file that the camera created from
the raw data in realtime...


Colorists, what do you like? The DPs here in OZ seem to favour the Alexa?
Just graded a big music video, shot with the Epic (not HDRx) I loved it,
looked great, but found
I needed to work a little harder with the Epic than I would have done had it
been Alexa. It would be interesting to grade the same scene shot with both
What do others think?

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