[Tig] Recommended portable media drives?

Jack James jack at surrealroad.com
Thu Aug 18 15:10:01 BST 2011

I used to recommend G-RAIDs to people, but can't do so lately as they seem
pretty unreliable too (perhaps they've changed their manufacturing process).
I also never really recommend RAID-style drives any more (other than
mirrored or concatenated style configurations) because you're completely
stuffed if the controller ROM fails.

Lately I've found the best bet is to go with an OEM disk (I tend to find
Western Digital disks to be most reliable but YMMV) in an off-the-shelf
enclosure. That way, if the enclosure fails (which is the most likely
scenario) you can swap the disk out quite easily. I also use 2.5" disks over
3.5" disks where possible.

Bear in mind the aim here is for long(er)-term storage or transportation. In
other words, what do I want to use if I give something to a client to take

If you are after performance or other features, this doesn't apply.

Also I have no affiliation with any companies, suffice to say Lacie have
given me a great deal of grief over the years. If anyone on this list
successfully had a support issue resolved with them, I'd be very surprised.


On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 14:56, Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
> wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Aug 2011, Jack James wrote:
>  I shuddered when I read "Lacie". Having spent last week recovering
>> someone's
>> only copy of their MXF files, it really makes me wonder why people trust
>> those nasty cheap drives.
> My nightly backups are to Lacie d2 quadra type drives, which are left
> spinning all the time and are operated in a mirrored RAID configuration.
>  Thus far I have yet to encounter a media error (and I would know if one
> occured) but the external power supplies are crap and fail after a period of
> time, or if they are left plugged in with elevated ambient temperatures
> (even if the drives are turned off), or if they are run on computer-grade
> UPS power for just a few minutes. My impression is that the Samsung drives
> used in my various Lacie d2 quadra drives are pretty good, but the
> continuing (uncorrected for years) unreliable power supplies can cause huge
> problems, including damaging the computer.  I am at risk at the moment due
> to consuming all my spare power supplies (purchased in advance) and not
> having ordered more at the moment.  Given the crappy external chinese power
> supplies, I find it a bit humourous that Lacie now offers d2 quadra units
> containing "enterprise" disk drives.
> What external portable storage devices are most trusted by people here?
> Bob
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