[Tig] Suite design request

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Aug 19 21:05:42 BST 2011

We're designing a new suite, which isn't in competition with post facilities (internal use only for Dolby)
and has the following initial requirements:

--Console, 30" deep, flat surface, neutral color and thinking travertine? 

--Overhead console lighting - fiber optic system .   Contractor specialist needed?

--D65 white point backlighting (broad spectrum) - thinking Cold-Cathode.  *see next

--Suite to have projection and monitoring (Dolby PRM-4200); projector screen about 10' wide and about 
   6.5' high.   Dolby monitor will be on a scissor lift behind console; could include 2 monitors positionable  horizontally and vertically (roller-tracks in addition to scissor lifts)  * system (separate screen with Cold-Cathode?) needed for situations using video monitoring only

--Could use projector lamp and 10' screen for reference backlighting in video monitoring, but expense of bulbs?

--Entire lighting system (with possible exception of D65 backlight, which would be separately dimmable) on programmable dimming system

--projection system most likely specified separately (though open to suggestion).  Audio most likely monitoring only (not theatre-spec).

Any help will be immensely appreciated, with credit due.

Rob Lingelbach   Senior Colorist, Dolby Laboratories
rob at colorist.org http://rob.colorist.org

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