[Tig] IBC approaching quickly!!!

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Aug 24 08:09:12 BST 2011

The TIG has always supported manufacturer/vendors by allowing them to post their current new items, new products, and noteworthy news to the TIGIBCFS11 (TIG IBC Focus Sheet 2011).  This is how the TIG supports its own continuing livelihood and community.  A donation is requested which can easily be supplied via PayPal ( http://www.colorist.org/wiki/main_page )

Earliest requestors of space on the TIGIBCFS11 page (on the net and mailed out weekly to subscribers) will receive top billing.  Past participants include:  ARRI; AATON; Lou Levinson --see the thread about _I Feel Fine_; RED and ALEXA; LIttle Walter; Compression, Distortion; The Who; Yardbirds; Rolling Stones.   Eizo; Lou Levinson; Richard Kirk of FilmLight; Carl Skaff on DCI; Little Walter; Elmore James; NAWCWD at China Lake (as reported by jim Lindelein ; Rogério Moraes on Miklos Philips; a "wow" from Tyler Hawes on the same subject.  Marc Wielage,  sage in residence, has this to say better summarized by the post itself:  http://tig.colorist.org/pipermail/tig/2011-August/019358.html;  a truly perspicacious follow-up by Marc Wielage; a dismayed response by Scott Klein, which recalls the depths of a new depression. 

And, a prediction made several years ago that the boutique Post Houses would make a big return, combining their lower cost-of-business with their elegance of design, to bring a minimalist kind of affection in all directions.  I feel applause coming on.

The reality is not yet clear, but the horizon is less polluted: we are on the road to much cheaper desktop systems that will supplant the larger rack-mount mulitple-node systems of the past, and will also be subject to Moore's law.  

The TIG will be remade in a new version for 2012 that will include the fortunate features of HTML5 and the ability to extend syntax beyond simple plug-ins.

TIG: 22 years of existence.

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