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Jack James jack at surrealroad.com
Wed Aug 24 16:30:39 BST 2011

I would think you mean 8 frames rather than 8 seconds for film-sourced
material. Personally I wouldn't go any higher than 4 frames unless
specifically requested, and wouldn't include handles at all if it's going to
be significantly more work. As long as the client is aware of that I don't
see a problem.


On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 16:25, Andrew Huebscher
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> I'd like to take a poll here:
> If a client brings in a transfer EDL of a commercial (or campaign),
> and does not specify a handle length, will you provide a given set of
> handles by default?  I've been hearing some large facilities will do 8
> seconds, but that can create a bit of extra work if there are lot of
> layers to track or if the footage has constantly shifting exposures.
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