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Warren Eagles weagles at bigpond.net.au
Fri Aug 26 00:23:01 BST 2011

Great thread,

Do you know what the best thing is about all these new digital formats?
It all needs grading :)
Have a great weekend


Warren Eagles
Freelance Colorist Australia

On 18/08/2011, at 7:05 PM, Seamus O'Kane wrote:

> Hello
> Whilst I agree that some aspects of Alexa are satisfying the bigger  
> issue for me is that the Photography is getting lost within this  
> "marshmallow of exposure" and often the end result is stylised  
> blandness.
> Agency Clients are seeing more and more logC images, either on-set  
> or in offline editorial, and the consequence is that they desire to  
> maintain all detail regardless if how a DOP has shaped his lighting  
> to reflect mood, narrative or beauty.
> When first re-profiling the logC to find the DOPs intent I expect  
> there to be a shape in the lighting which will be the basis for my  
> grade. As a session progresses we work to add into this "shape", to  
> enhance it, to push it, to coax it and sometimes to change it  
> altogether. Either way discovering the DOPs intent is a vital part  
> of our art.
> Unlike the considered, technical, lut calibrated workflows of  
> Features or Episodics most Commercials lose the DOP after shooting  
> and that means that their insistence of any form of lut viewing  
> assessment goes as well.
> Most offline conforms I see are basically in logC. Maybe a but  
> tweaked in an Avid or FC but they represent more the "marshmallow"  
> than photography.
> The problem during the Grade is that incidental set dressing assumes  
> importance over lighting as the retention of all detail becomes the  
> Client mantra.
> Whilst any one piece of work can finish quite pleasingly under this  
> regime the viewing of a commercial break and seeing five such  
> finished spots becomes tedious.
> Commercial breaks in the UK used to be an oasis of commitment in a  
> sea of mediocrity. On the basis of image that seems to be no longer  
> true.
> This year Alexa seems to have become the data capture format of  
> choice and is certainly pulling about 80% of that work.
> I would say data capture workflows in general are now pulling about  
> 65% of the total with the balance being 35mm.
> 16mm has sadly become quite rare.
> That Alexa has dominated over the Red is probability due to the more  
> easily understood workflow. The tendency for Red to shroud  
> everything within a fog of science did them no favours.
> The often mangled r3d transcoded images are now history as I work  
> directly from the r3d files and the resultant grades are a lot  
> better for it.
> In many ways I prefer to have the front end control offered by  
> addressing the raw but sadly I can sense that the relative  
> simplicity of the Alexa workflow ,coupled with a desire to maintain  
> ProRes as a pipeline format, is setting a de facto standard.
> One wonders if the upcoming crop of new cameras will offer  
> sufficient advantages of workflow and image to be able to challenge  
> this.
> Best
> Seamus
> Seamus O'Kane
> The Mill
> London

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