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Cédric Lejeune cxl at workflowers.net
Mon Dec 5 14:56:15 GMT 2011

Hi Michael,

great work, a vision I share and I've seen developing over last couple of
years as consulting for postproductions. When we started to promote our
collaborative platform people thought it was only for big projects, but tax
shelters everywhere accelerated the process of outsourcing and

The only thing I don't agree totally with you is on slide 9, the one man
band finishing. I think this is true for some projects, but I think
outsourcing and collaboration with small specialized boutique post shops
ultimately becoming efficient enough so even smallest projects could
benefit not only on the budget but also on creativity. What the technology
brings in the cost/quality/speed equation is now values are much more
flexible than they used to be, and if you have time you can really get
something good for a low cost, whether you had barriers before. It also
changes the model of investment, so on-demand will be the way to go. That's
what we start to propose to our clients, and feedback is pretty good:

The communication and organization aspects, for bits and people, are
getting way more important, that's what you call 3.0 and the ET/IT mashup,
but I feel even the IT stuff is seeing a huge change in the way it
interacts with people and companies. I was amazed to see how much video is
used in business, even small ones, huge quantities of data, with usually a
more sensitive approach to asset mgmt than what we have in postproduction.
At McDonalds in France, you learn how to wash a table by watching a video.

Interesting times.


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