[Tig] Look what I have...!

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Thu Dec 29 15:19:21 GMT 2011

<<I recognise some of that, there's a Michael Cox 841 Vision Mixer on the
top row second from the right, the rack for it is the top left picture.
Michael gave me my first job in this business, testing that very mixer,
spooky stuff ken and what are you doing with this equipment? have you
opened a museum?


The story as I can fathom is that the channel opened 30 years ago with the
best that they could find. GV 200 and 120 mixers, 16mm film cameras (have
one unused!), lab and telecine... It was of course down hill from then on.

Someone removed and effectively broke the RCA telecine (absolutely a film
chain). It's in pieces underneath car tyres and other junk. Hopefully in
the next couple of months we can get at it and see what is broken.

During the years new equipment has been added ad hoc, so we have Sony
XDcams for exaple connected using composite video into the GV200... The odd
phase shift is not uncommon!

So yes, I am collecting all the old boxes to make a museum here in
Patagonia... Entry for TIG members 'gratis' of course!

The future is digital HD, but I may have to make do with a shopping list
thought up by someone who doesn't know what we are doing or what we want to

Ken Robinson
Gerente de Imagen y Sonido Canal 10, Rio Negro

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