[Tig] 1Tb & 2Tb Raid disks, what make/model?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue Mar 8 01:31:30 GMT 2011

>Avoid the recent crop of disk drives which use 4K byte sectors 
>internally (rather than traditional 512 bytes) but pretend to use 512 
>byte sectors.  Performance with such drives generally sucks.  

I don't know if any drive made in the last six months or so comes in any other
format but 4K byte sectors.

Those drives do quite well with Windows 7, which has been optimized to use 4K
sectors, and from what I've read, all current SSD's use aligned 4K sectors for
higher throughput as well. In fact, if you use most diskcopy programs to image
an SSD from an existing hard drive, the majority of cloning software does not
currently align to 4K sectors, and an SSD made that way will suffer in
performance. As a result, the recommendation is almost always to do a fresh
Win 7 install when moving to an SSD.

>Any product with "green" in its name is surely a bad idea.

Unless it's a disk drive you are just using for redundant offline storage, in
which case they are OK and in general use less power and generate less heat
and noise in exchange for less performance. 

They also work really well in stuff that runs 24/7 and doesn't need blindingly
fast I/O, like DDRs in general, and HD TiVos specifically, where they can
write two compressed HD streams while playing back a third, all at once. And
they run a lot cooler and quieter than the year old 7200 rpm drives they
replaced here.

Getting back to the original subject, I'm a fan of WD, Hitachi, and Samsung,
in that order. I've had too many Seagates fail to be fan of that brand.


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