[Tig] Spec Sheet (or Work Order) design

Clark E. Bierbaum clark at garnetdev.com
Mon Mar 14 00:47:40 GMT 2011

I think the US Tax code is less complicated than "transfer" in 2011!

Conversation is key, as Dave says.

It's a Brave New World, after my Friday Alexa originated / Resolve session I have renewed hope - client and I had fun and the range to do what was asked for the first time in a while - agency loved it too!

Clark Bierbaum
clark at garnetdev.com

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> In my experience with the deluge of new medias, a good conversation with those involved has helped the jobs more than a spec sheet alone.  If it were Academy 35mm transferred to digibeta with burn ins anymore then a spec sheet would suffice.  
> Not only are the post houses/on site graders not certain of every possibility, neither are the shooters or the creative directors or the clients.  In that way its been a little more interesting lately.  "I dont know, what do you think?"
> Dave

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