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On Mar 17, 2011, at 11:36 AM, Jim Mann wrote:
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> Rumor has it that the Atsugi plant is off line, and is the sole  
> source of
> HDcamSR tapes. Some productions are already shifting away from SR.  
> Does
> anyone know more?
> Jim Mann
> Freelance Colorist

Hi, Jim,

A little Googling turned this up along with several other stories:


For immediate release
Sony Corporation
March 14, 2011
Sony Group Operations Affected by
Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and Related Power Outages
(Tokyo, March 14, 2011) – Operations at several Sony Corporation and  
Sony Group sites and facilities have been affected by the Pacific  
Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami, and Sony is monitoring the  
status of each of these sites on an on-going basis, while also  
considering the most effective recovery measures. Sony also has  
responded to reports of widespread power outages by voluntarily  
suspending operations at several sites. No significant injuries have  
been reported to employees working at any of these sites when the  
earthquake or tsunami occurred.
The company is currently evaluating the full impact of the earthquake,  
tsunami and related power outages on Sony’s businesses and  
consolidated financial results.
As of 11:00 am, March 14 (JST), manufacturing operations have been  
suspended at the following affected production sites:

・ Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation,
Tagajyo Plant (Miyagi Prefecture) <Magnetic Tapes, Blu-ray Discs etc.>
Tome Plant, Nakada/Toyosato Sites (Miyagi Prefecture) < Optical  
devices, IC cards etc.>

・ Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor Inc. (Miyagi Prefecture)  
<Semiconductor Lasers etc.>

・ Sony Energy Devices Corporation, Koriyama Plant (Fukushima  
Prefecture) <Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries etc.>

・ Sony Energy Devices Corporation, Motomiya Plant (Fukushima  
Prefecture) <Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries etc.>

・ Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation, Kuki Plant (Saitama  
Prefecture) <Surface mounting equipment etc.>

・ Sony DADC Japan Inc., Ibaraki Facility (Ibaraki Prefecture) <CDs,  
DVDs etc.>

In addition to these manufacturing sites, Sony Corporation Sendai  
Technology Center (Tagajyo, Miyagi) has ceased operation due to  
earthquake damage. While certain production sites in Japan other than  
those listed above have been moderately affected, there has been no  
report of employee injury or facility damage, and operations continue.  
Possible damage at other Sony Group companies in Japan is currently  
being reviewed. Additionally, Sony Chemical & Information Devices  
Corporation, Kanuma Plant (Tochigi Prefecture), Sony Energy Devices  
Corporation, Tochigi Plant (Tochigi Prefecture) and Sony Corporation  
Atsugi Technology Center (Atsugi, Kanagawa) temporarily suspended  
operations on a voluntary basis, to assist with the alleviation of  
widespread power outages.
Media Inquiries: Corporate Communications, Sony Corporation Tel:  

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