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Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Tue Mar 22 04:34:17 GMT 2011

That's an interesting one Rob -

I've been a colorist for a long time now, and mostly worked from film for commercials for years -

These days though, we're down to about 50% film based jobs, or more accurately, jobs that have film IN them. Most commercial jobs I work on are multi format. I haven't worked on high speed (shot) film in over 2 1/2 years. We've worked on jobs with just about every format I can think of in the last few years, and what I objected to from our name dropping LA Colorist rockstar, was not the slam on film, but the suggestion that digital workflows and acquisition are obviously easier, faster and cheaper. Blatant lie-ous, non-factuational exaggerational doucheitude, which is supremely douchetastic!!

The simple facts for me are that film acquisition is clearly on the decline and has been for years; it is only a matter of time. Who knows how long? If you look at the still photography world, there are many great reasons why they switched to digital, many many of them purely creative and related to visual feedback, and not cost or anything else. At some point, it will no longer make sense to shoot on film - and it won't be because famous director A said so ( because he's getting cameras, processing, gear, etc for free, or has investors from a particular manufacturer - or many other "motivating" factors to pick a certain workflow ) - it will be because that's what makes sense for the task at hand and the requirements of the job....

You know, like where you get paid to do what it is you're an expert at. 

Rob, forgive me, my sarcasm is not directed at you. You make a fair point. Many of our most talented DP's and Director's still prefer
to work with film. I doubt that will dry up as quickly as many are predicting, but I do think the end is nigh.

I'm gonna go watch Avatar on cable.

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> To all I ask, why does film have to make a comeback? Why ask if Kodak and Fuji can ramp up production in time? By the suppositions in the question, seems to me someone is conceding film has lost it's place.

It does seem that all of the best work is (still) being done on film, clearly there is no shortage.


Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com


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