[Tig] Decorum

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Wed Mar 23 05:50:29 GMT 2011

Hello Rob -

Hello to all. 

This forum since the mid 90's has been a place free of manufacturer advertising and / or undue influence.

It's also been a place to hash it out with other peers when you have a passionate opinion about anything at hand affecting your work, your craft, or your industry.
There has been what I would call a proud tradition of disagreement. As many of us spend many hours in our respective workplaces, getting out together for a beer
and having a good old fashioned argument about the goings on in the post world becomes difficult. I have always really enjoyed a good, passionate argument...
and given the characters on this list past and present, I have never hesitated to use sarcasm, fire-stoking, prodding, or brow beating as tools in an argument.
What I can say, is that I don't think I've ever said anything here publicly that I wouldn't say in person to the people involved in any discussion I've been in.

We are a passionate group, and I prefer it that way, though from Rob's post, maybe many do not. I have never been a fan of PC arguments. No one really says what they mean.
Half of us work worlds away from each other. Our business models, workflows, and profits streams are completely different. It is good to remind each other that while one may be exploiting
the current fashionable camera or technique for profit, it may be killing another's lifestyle, career, salary or revenue.

I can't help thinking that some of this post might be directed at me, as I've been accused recently of being intimidating and a bully on the TIG - 

I have a hard time seeing that, as I go months these days without commenting. Most of you who know me in person, know that I am far different than my online persona.

This has been fun, simple as that. I hope to continue participating.

To those I may have inadvertently offended, my apologies. To those of you whom I told to fuck off.... I meant it. Sometimes even respectfully.

Keep the fires burning - happy knobtwisting, one and all -


Subject: Re: [Tig] Decorum

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The bashing of anyone, including flaming, baiting, trolling, or the suggestion of metaphorical violence, is intolerable.

A lot of TIG subscribers are completely turned off about this and will not participate because of a feeling of elitism; a fear of retribution in front of a group.

There is no question too simple or opinion that's unwarranted.  Abuse, however, is quite a different insidious matter.

Let's work from a position of mutual respect.

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