[Tig] A Colourist's Lament.

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Stated very well....Martin

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> Further to my earlier gripe about digital acquisition and display I also
> have an issue with the way the global standardisation of technology has
> been part of a process that has led to a global generic look to what we
> do. I've worked in sixteen different countries and had pretty much the
> same conversation in all of them, it goes something like this;
> Me: So how do you want it to look?
> Client: Well what we want is a sort of slightly de-saturated look with no
> contrast at all, sort of natural with no stylisation anywhere.
> Me: You mean a one light? you know, when the colourist just equalizes
> everything so the DOP, the editor, the director and the director's best
> friend's hairdresser's labradoodle can see everything that was shot before
> making it look good? you know, bland?
> Client: Yep, that's the one, it's a very popular look, everyone's using
> that look.
> Me: That would explain why you've booked half an hour to grade four
> commercials then.
> Client: Well the thing is we've got 5000 Baht/Lira/Rupees/Mexican Jumping
> Beans to do all the post so spending time making it look nice isn't really
> possible but it doesn't matter as we've told the client that it's the
> natural film look, they've bought into it and we still get to call
> ourselves creatives, why are you laughing?
> Me: Never mind, oh look the sushi has arrived, you better tuck in, we're
> almost done.
> Client: Great, nice working with you, do you have a showreel?
> Me: Yes but you wouldn't like it.
> Regards to all Colourists,
> Martin.
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