[Tig] Premature Death of SR

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Sorry...i didnt mean to be a downer...I think it's super cool that our satellite community of artisans, (other post professionals, cinematographers, art directors, directors & producers, etc) has never caved to mediocrity the way so many service and craft businesses have...that they still care about a subjective component as deeply as they do. 
The same holds true for the most elite end user. 

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>On Thu, 24 Mar 2011, Adrian Thomas wrote:
>> What a depressing outlook.
>While the situation may seem depressing, the reality is that if people 
>are exposed to a proper image for several weeks they will immediately 
>miss it if it goes away.  This means that the key is to ensure that as 
>many people as possible are exposed to good images for a while so that 
>they will complain (or change services) if they are not seeing them.
>The human brain is a marvelous thing in that the mind can take a 
>crummy image and see it as good by filling in the blanks.  It takes 
>some time before the brain removes its built in "filtering" and sees 
>the real image when the image is improved.
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