[Tig] Counterpoint

Martin Sansom martinsansom at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 09:31:58 GMT 2011

Enjoyed your post Dave, some things I agree with, some I don't.

"It seems European styles tend to like less contrast and saturation most  
likely due to the sunlight qualities in northern Europe"

Don't entirely agree, there's a more prosaic reason for this which is  
MONEY, in the late eighties the london advertising agencies got together  
and imposed an all round fifteen percent reduction in the amount they  
spent on post, they'd had enough of production companies going way over  
budget on hugely indulgent expensive commercials by the likes of Tony Kaye  
etc, remember him? I graded a few of his epics, a million feet of film  
shot for one 40 second spot, it took four days to do the best light, the  
film was delivered in shifts because we didn't have the space to store it  
all and the post house I was at was famous for not giving  
discounts.Something had to give, and long sessions of interesting look  
creation was one of them, hence the move to a simpler, less time  
consuming, less expensive look. This also coincided with the appearance of  
the Spirit telecine, clever machine but in my opinion was the spawn of  
satan when it came to creating interesting

"and I noticed while in Australia in 2007 that they preferred the more  
subtle grade but still with bold exceptions on occasion"

Yes I agree, I too worked in Australia in 2007 (where were you working?)  
and they liked to mix it up, but I felt this had as much to do with the  
pecking order of production companies as much as anything else, the top  
guys could play with the look, the others had to bang em out quick and  

" While in India last year skin tone was king as there is a concerted  
marketing effort led by star Shah Rukhkhan to actually lighten one's skin  
with creams."

Last year? I was there in 2000 till 2002, apparently I was the first  
westerner in town and skin lightening was a must for everything I worked  
on not just the actual cosmetic products that do it, the whole subject of  
skin lightening is worthy of its own message board never mind a thread on  
here. It's a socio-cultural phenomena not a look creation trend.

"The clients there were very receptive to defocused highlights, vignettes  
and blues in the blacks et al."

Vignettes yes, blues in the blacks yes, but defocused highlights?  
fascinating, they hated that when I was there, defocusing anything was a  
complete no no, times have changed.

"I too feel the pain of the end consumer not knowing or caring."

Don't agree, there are a lot of amateur enthusiast colourists out there  
using photoshop and the like on their own photos and videos, whether they  
care or not is a matter of opinion but a lot of consumers these days are  
aware and informed as to what colour correction is.



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