[Tig] A Colourist's Lament.

Jim Lindelien hombresur at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 22:34:15 BST 2011

To colorists one and all,

Wow, all this bluesy talk about one's under appreciated skill set.

Well, so now you know what it's like to be an engineer!  Sounds very
similar, these two professions.  When your stuff is working, nobody
notices.  When its not, everybody bitches at you and wants to know why it's
not fixed yet.

Join the club.  See all those many boxes with pretty LEDs &etc with cables
going in and out?  Some poor slob ruined his or her marriage over that
gizmo, very likely, working all hours to make it a reality.  Somebody else
wrote a million lines of code to make the colors nice in the right hands.

But it'll always be the drug-addled celebrity who gets all the awards and

Folks, join the misery club.

Now, back to work!

Jim Lindelien
Slaver over that TLC blinky-LED gizmo

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