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Agreed, in the UK the industry went through a big contraction when Betacam became the choice for newsgathering. Several big labs were bust in a few months.Again in the UK many production companies have their own post, not least the BBC. They still need staff to operate it though !However, one of the aspects of post still seems to be going strong here, and that is Audio and picture finishing, (luckily for me).Offline, tape dubbs, standards/ framerate conversion, up and down-res... all of these can now be done by the client or are just not needed anymore.
I think in the States you will see a big contraction in the number of dailies colorists as fewer productions shoot on film, we have already gone through this in the UK. On the other hand there will be an increased demand for DITs. Swings and roundabouts.
Simon Astbury
> There is not necessarily cause for alarm.  While postproduction may be 
> waning, the jobs are likely simply moving closer to the source since 
> we have more video media than ever.  It is simply a matter of 
> classification.  Some may be taking up new jobs in production.
> The same is true of "wired telecommunications" where most of the same 
> companies which were big in so-called "wired telecommunications" 
> (probably means TDM & SS7) are now big in "Internet", which of course 
> still uses wires and optics.  Cell phones also use wires and optics 
> because something needs to tie all those many cell towers together and 
> attach them to the backbone.  The analysis is not quite sound.
> The garment industry is truely dead, at least in the USA.
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