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I would say the industry has changed quite a bit. Instead of large post houses with full time employees, there are smaller shops hiring freelancers, or small shops where one guy does it all (editor, colorist etc...). So this unfortunately cuts down on the full time jobs. It also weakens the "specialization". A guy who colors a project once a week or less is not a specialist. It took me hundreds of thousands of feet of film a week, for months and years to become a colorist. Today someone colors a project once a month and calls themselves a colorist. Maybe that's why a great deal of broadcast (commercials, episodic etc...) looks flat and mediocre. That's much easier than something like say "Sucker Punch", "Limitless" or "Pirates of the Caribbean". 

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Unfortunately from my perspective it does seem that the industry is 
shrinking. Since I was laid off in November 2009 ads for full time 
colorists have been few and far between. And by few I mean two. 
Bob Lovejoy 

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