[Tig] Bearer of bad news.

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I wonder if the atrophie of the large post house is keeping pace with overall downward business trend though.
On the other point if a guy can build a cottage business as an all-in-one finisher more power to them, but the 'finishing station' concept has been discussed here for years and it will never replace the trust between production and their very specialized colorist talent. 
When a D.P. can save production $70,000.00 a day in set up time knowing that his 'super-expert finishing guy can make it awesome afterwards, it's money well spent. That means the job goes to a seasoned proven colorist, not a 'colorist-editor' 'pet groomer-watch repairman' or any other an 'all-in-one' dude. (no disrespect) A colorist like that bills for color and can't afford to take his skill-set off line to do the other ancillary work of finishing.
I refer back to my post here of last week where I compliment the community for it's ongoing high standards. The day nobody wants to pay for the best colorist talent is the day nobody cares about the pictures at all. 
Thanks and have a great day.

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>And now with studios like Sony offering offline, online, grading, and audio post all on lot with their own infrastructure, and marketing it aggressively to all production clients, there will be even less of them...  The project I am currently working on dropped all their old outside houses and went exclusively to Sony because of the significant cost savings involved - and the significant push to do so by Sony Corporate.
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>> Instead of large post houses with full time employees, there are smaller shops hiring freelancers, or small shops where one guy does it all (editor, colorist etc...). So this unfortunately cuts down on the full time jobs.

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