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Dave Pickett pickettscharge at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:17:54 BST 2011

Dying industries, bearer of bad news et al seems to be posts coming from the UK and the US.  Whereas the company I worked for in Bombay last year, Prime Focus just announced a deal with Lucas to convert Phantom Menace into 3D.  

That seems to speak volumes about content owners seeking the best global leverage for services.  Lucas has ILM at his disposal not to mention many domestic US companies who would discount to get this arrow in their quiver but sees the advantage of Prime Focus' enormous pool of qualified personnel in India.  Meanwhile at the announcement, Prime Focus stocks were up markedly so its an optimal move by both parties it seems.   And Prime Focus has been working hard on 3D conversion technology over the last few years.  

We use an Indian service to do rotoscoping overnight for some commercial jobs and it works out great.  And having worked in India at an Indian firm I am happy to see these opportunities arise for the millions and I do mean millions of eager young workers.

Consider also that DaVinci's products get their R&D out of Singapore and the products are markedly better for colorists and consumers.  

Asian firms are becoming power players in our industry.  And they have billions eager to both compete for jobs and view our work.  


Dave Pickett


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