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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Wed Mar 30 15:56:47 BST 2011

>Dying industries, bearer of bad news et al seems to be posts coming from the UK and the US.  Whereas the company I worked for in Bombay last year, Prime Focus just announced a deal with Lucas to convert Phantom Menace into 3D.  
>That seems to speak volumes about content owners seeking the best global leverage for services.  Lucas has ILM at his disposal not to mention many domestic US companies who would discount to get this arrow in their quiver but sees the advantage of Prime Focus' enormous pool of qualified personnel in India.

While I don't disagree with your post in general, I'm not sure using Lucas is
indicative of any sort of trend toward seeking of "qualified personnel".

George Lucas is one of the cheapest people in the industry, perhaps even on
the face of the earth. There is very little doubt in my mind that price was
his primary consideration when selecting a vendor.


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