[Tig] Flattening Globe

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c at moving-picture.com
Thu Mar 31 13:37:23 BST 2011

>Look at Moving Picture Company in Bangalore... any wonder why they employ
>many roto artists? I'm sure it's cheaper and easier to allocate an area
>you can hire 100 fresh graduates out of India and have them work 12-15
>than employ roto artists in London and not have to deal with labour laws
>etc etc 

MPC is part of Technicolor so it makes sense to share existing workforce
for film and commercials in Bangalore, Beijing, Vancouver. Rather than
having people working on shifts in London or LA, they work during the day
in different locations this way we can have labour intensive work done
within the client's deadline. It is not uncommon on a project to have CGI
done in one place, roto in another one according to artists availability
and final compositing done in London or LA where the client is. The
artists in Bangalore and Beijing are very enthusiactic, competent and
proud to work with the London and LA MPC motherships. As for labour laws
and hours I have no doubt everyone is treated fairly but please feel free
to give us a call so we can answer your questions.

Jean-Clement Soret

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