[Tig] Baselight->Lustre

Cédric Lejeune cxl at workflowers.net
Sat May 14 03:14:22 BST 2011

Hi Rob,

I have trained a couple of Baselight colorists on Lustre, I would say that
at first it feels a bit clunky because some logic in the software GUI and in
the panels are weird, but once you get used to it there's no problem. He
should get a proper training or an in depth demo with someone who knows well
the system, self training on Lustre is a bit more complicated than it is for
other systems, since the documentation and web resources won't help you much
in finding your ways. Lustre is quite fast operating and more efficient at
doing simple things and people like that for long form. For commercials, the
lack of some of the creative tools (I love the Baselight curves)
might be a bit more frustrating but generally speaking it's easy to
translate most of the tricks, and for real creativity he can always use our
wf_x plugins :)


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